Captains Krill Oil (2-Pack)

Retail Price: $139.94
Our Price: $79.98
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Better Krill, Less Cash

 Captains Krill Oil is harvested fresh in the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean off Antarctica. The oil is extracted and encapsulated in small runs right on the ship and sold directly to distributors like us. 

This allows you to get purer, fresher, better quality krill oil at an incredibly low price! 

Captains Krill Oil Is:
  • Harvested, extracted and encapsulated on the ship. It doesn't sit around in drums for who-knows-how-long, losing its potency and oxidizing.
  • Bottled fresh in small batches. So again, it doesn't sit around waiting to be sold.
  • 100% free of any type of additive, filler or alteration of any kind.
  • Sold directly to select retailers. It doesn't pass through multiple sets of hands before it gets to you, so I can afford better equipment and you get a much less expensive product.

Fresher. Cleaner. Less Expensive.

Retail Price: $139.94 ...
Our Price: $79.98
Introductory Price: $59.98

"60-Day "Nothing To Lose But Aches & Pains" Guarantee™:

Our goal is to keep you smilin'! If you're NOT smilin' after using any of our products as recommended, just return the empty container for an immediate, no-questions-asked refund. See? Nothing to lose, except of course for those pesky aches and pains you've been living with. That's something to smile about!

(No questions asked means... well, NO questions asked. No hoops to jump, no paperwork to fill out, no red tape to cut through. Just a refund. How cool is THAT??)

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