We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident:

We the People of StillSmilin, in order to form a more perfect Union between Company and Customer, to establish the bonds of trust and secure the Blessings of Better Health, do ordain and establish this Declaration of Rights:

Article 1:

You have the right to be treated like a real person, not just an order number. Because nothing is more important than your health, and the supplements you choose will have a big impact on it. These are not cookie-cutter decisions and you should not be treated like you're on an assembly line.

Article 2:

You have the right to call and reach some who actually cares and have your questions personally answered. No outsourced customer service center can truly understand either you or the products you have questions about. When we take your phone call we may not have all the answers right away. But you will be listened to and your questions answered, no matter how high up we have to go. The same goes for emails. If a company expects you to take their supplements the least they can do is actually respond to you.

Article 3:

You have the right to products that are SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN, not just products that produce more profit. Formulations based on the actual amounts used in the studies may be more expensive to produce, but your health should be more important than a company's profit.

Article 4:

You have the right to be informed and make your own decisions. Whether you buy an aPP Certified product or not, our goal is to give you the knowledge you need to choose the most effective option. If you do choose a less proven supplement, at least you'll know the trade-off you're making and do so purposefully.

Article 5:

You have the right to get your money back without hassle. Look we are all individuals and not every supplement will work for everyone. And if one doesn't work for you, you shouldn't pay for it. And 30, 60, even 90 days isn't always long enough for you to know. That's why you should have a full year to request a refund, and have absolutely no questions asked.

Does Your Supplement Company Recognize These Rights?
If Not, Maybe It's Time To
Declare Your Independence From THEM.

"60-Day "Nothing To Lose But Aches & Pains" Guarantee™:

Our goal is to keep you smilin'! If you're NOT smilin' after using any of our products as recommended, just return the empty container for an immediate, no-questions-asked refund. See? Nothing to lose, except of course for those pesky aches and pains you've been living with. That's something to smile about!

(No questions asked means... well, NO questions asked. No hoops to jump, no paperwork to fill out, no red tape to cut through. Just a refund. How cool is THAT??)

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